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Location: Pilani, Rajasthan, India

Hindi Drama Club, BITS, Pilani, is the official body responsible for all the activities related to Hindi Theatre on the BITS campus. Enjoying the enthued, dedicated support of a lively and talented member mass, HDC(as its famously called)'s flag has been flying high!!


Hello Friend!

Welcome to the webspace where

We are a small family of actors and enthusiastic people
who have come together to make a small effort
to entertain people, catalyze changes, spread awareness and
of course make every moment of our stay at BITS a memory.

How can this site help you discover us better :

  1. The Explore Section points to various broad categories which will lead you further into the site.
  2. You can click on any Year, to find out more about the events in that Year.
  3. Most of the Names are links to the person's personal space on the site, they will tell you more about the person.
  4. The Legend will direct you to the Legends Page. The Legends are the people who have left indelible foot­prints be­hind, whose memories have been etched on forever in our minds, whose arrival the audi stage still awaits, who continue to in­spire us.
  5. To Read more about an individual play, You can click on the Name of that Play.
  6. The Buzz link to the top-right corner of the page, tells you about the new stuff on the site.
  7. We love to read your comments and answer queries. :)
  8. Stop Reading and start Exploring!!!