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Location: Pilani, Rajasthan, India

Hindi Drama Club, BITS, Pilani, is the official body responsible for all the activities related to Hindi Theatre on the BITS campus. Enjoying the enthued, dedicated support of a lively and talented member mass, HDC(as its famously called)'s flag has been flying high!!

About Us

Hindi Drama Club is an amateur theatre group functioning on BITS campus and is an integral part of its happenings.

The Plays
It produces plays of high artistic merit and performs them regularly for the theatre lovers in BITS. With dedicated crew of cast and prod, HDC has managed to recreate the magic on stage since its formation. It has numerous stage plays and street plays to its credit. Staging famous and challenging plays, scripting original ones on issues of social concern, organizing theatre workshop – an innovative actor training program; HDC has carved its niche in all these.

The People

“Agar ho sake to ab koi shama jalaiye”

This line which has grown to symbolize HDC throughout the campus wholly defines the unmatched spirit of the cast of Hindi Drama Club. HDCites are known to consist of an assortment of very seasoned actors and production people who show immense dedication, discipline and desire for perfection. Not to forget the loads of enthu they put into their plays. Every HDC’s effort speaks about beauty of art, emotion, expression and above all co-ordination of fine thoughts. HDC is an institution in itself, engaged in promotion of drama.

Apart from this the cast has been very well appreciated for their respect for theatre rules which is visible in the fact that they never use collar microphones and put themselves through a strict food regime during play practices in which food stuff that affects the throat is strictly avoided. Besides punctuality, projection of voice and expressions. The HDC cast is a perfect blend of experience and innovativeness, conviction and creativity and most essentially hard work and hajaar enthu.

The people who don't act form the production team for the plays, a set of hardworking and dedicated people, who can push themselves to any limits, sometimes working for two days at a stretch without sleep. The production teams of HDC have been know to put up vast and elaborate stage setups, brilliantly done Backdrops and innovative styles of marketing.

We are a closed knit group where friendship lasts for life. With such a dynamic group Hindi Drama Club is sure to achieve success in all its future endeavors.